Oceans Rise

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Bay of Martyrs is a gorgeous little spot towards the end of the Great Ocean Road. There were strong winds hitting the coast the weekend I visited, creating huge waves, and drenching anyone brave enough to exit their vehicle in sea spray. I had to make several trips back and forth between the car and the beach to keep cleaning my lens. I had one chance to capture a shot each time I went out before my lens was completely covered in salty sea spray. 

This image has been captured and produced without any digital manipulation. I studied photography many moons ago (pre-digital) and I still often work as if I am shooting film. I use little to no Photoshop in the post production of my photographs; all of the work is done whilst capturing the image. My work is about finding the hidden beauty, taking every day and capturing it from a different point of view. I feel that too often we are caught up in our day-to-day lives and sometimes forget to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.  

Three sizes available, framed or unframed. 


Oceans Rise

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ARTWORK SPECIFICATIONS: Highest quality giclée art print on heavy weight archival 100% cotton paper. Hand crafted shadowbox frame with 3mm museum grade Plexiglas. Hand signed, titled and numbered and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. Limited edition of 10.

Shipping worldwide from Melbourne, Australia. Complimentary shipping on all domestic orders. Your order will be custom printed for you and hand signed before being carefully packed and shipped. Artworks will ship within 3 weeks.


Paper size: 58 cm x 84 cm | Image size: 50 cm x 76 cm
For apartment dwellers and smaller rooms. Looks great in an office, on a smaller wall, or resting on a mantle.


Paper size: 74 cm x 108 cm | Image size: 66 cm x 100 cm
This size is perfect above a queen or double bed. In an entryway, or above a medium sized couch.


Paper size: 110 cm x 160 cm | Image size: 100 cm x 150 cm
Make a statement with oversized art. This size packs a powerful punch and is most impactful. Looks best above a king size bed, on a large open wall, or above a couch.